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Should Maria Get Back with Arnold?

  If you don’t know that Arnold Schwarzenegger,Terminator and former California governor, fathered a child with the live-in maid who had been cleaning the mansion he shared with Maria Shriver and their four children, prompting Maria to hire a kick-ass … Continue reading

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How Memoirs of a Single Dad Sent My Traffic Through the Roof

Last year I responded to a tweet from blogger and SEO guru Daniel Ruyter, creator of Memoirs of a Single Dad. Daniel was offering free SEO advice to the first five bloggers who contacted him. I tweeted him back right … Continue reading

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My First Piece on Huffington Post: Shameless Self-Promotion

Please allow me this bit of shameless self-promotion. After my Demi Moore piece was picked up by the Huffington Post Divorce section, I was officially inivited to become a blogger for HuffPo Divorce. This was a thrill, since trying to … Continue reading

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Breaking Up is Weird to Do: A Guest Post by Janice Harper

Janice Harper is an anthropologist, blogger, and all-around smart cookie. I first discovered her on Open Salon, when I read her incredibly honest and insightful piece about her previous life in the 1%. Then I read her really funny Huff Po … Continue reading

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OMG, Heidi Klum and Seal Split: Our Cultural Obsession with Celebrity “Storybook Marriages”

Earlier this week Huffington Post announced what had been rumored for days: that Heidi Klum and Seal, the celeb couple touted as having perhaps the storybookiest marriage of them all, are splitting. When I scanned the “Heidi Klum and Seal” trending … Continue reading

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Dooce Divorce

“Dooce Divorce” was the search engine referral that began to appear on my site stats page a couple weeks ago. This was my first glimmer that the power-blogging husband and wife team Heather and Jon Armstrong, aka Dooce and Blurb, … Continue reading

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My Truth About Santa – Guest Post by Alysa Salzburg

Alysa Salzburg lives in Paris with an eccentric Frenchman and a cross-eyed cat. She blogs on Open Salon and is editor-in-chief of Beguile, a literary and arts e-zine. Alysa is an Open Salon blogger friend, and she kindly consented to … Continue reading

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Did My Son Inherit My Eating Disorder?

The following is the latest installment of my series, “My Son’s Walkabout,” that appears on Good Men Project. To read the first part of this story, click here. “I’m not too skinny. I like the way I look now. I was … Continue reading

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Jennifer McBride’s Blogger Space

Jennifer McBride writes thoughtfully, elegantly, and passionately about divorce, loss, transformation and creativity. Visit her at her blog here, or on Amazon where her book Touching the Trees is available. Check out her Blogger Space below. My writing space used … Continue reading

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