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Guest Post on Women, Social Media, and Healthcare

Guest post by social media afficionado Katie Matlack up on the new site! If you haven’t re-subscribed, please do so via the Feedburner box below the “About Me” blurb. Thank you! Pauline Advertisements

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New Post Over at the New Site!

For those of you who don’t know, this site has been face-lifted and can be found at Apparently, e-mail subscriptions to this blog didn’t transfer to the new blog. So if you want to continue getting e-mail notifications of … Continue reading

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Raising My Daughter Not to Make the Same Dumb Mistake I Made

My daughter Franny, who turns ten this month, has just started working as a Mother’s Helper one afternoon a week after school. She works for a SAHM who needs a couple hours of sanity. She folds laundry and sweeps. She … Continue reading

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Does a Woman Really Need a $23 Undereye Concealer?

My favorite Beauty Supply Store is a ten-minute drive from my house, on a high-end, but Main-Street-y boulevard that cuts a swath through a pocket of Mediterranean, Tudor, and Craftsman mansions. What with last year’s obscene legal fees and a … Continue reading

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Pauline Wants YOU!

Some very nice person – I have no idea who – nominated me for The Top 25 Moms with Blended Families blog contest. I don’t know exactly what this means. I don’t think, for instance, that if you win President … Continue reading

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Watching the Oscars with the Estranged Son of a Hollywood Legend

Last Sunday, while watching the Oscars, my 8-year-old stepson Kevin turned to my husband and asked if he had ever gone to the Academy Awards with Grandpa Frank. “No, Sweetie” said Atticus. “Grandpa Frank didn’t like going himself. But the … Continue reading

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My First Piece on Huffington Post: Shameless Self-Promotion

Please allow me this bit of shameless self-promotion. After my Demi Moore piece was picked up by the Huffington Post Divorce section, I was officially inivited to become a blogger for HuffPo Divorce. This was a thrill, since trying to … Continue reading

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Two Brilliant Documentary Filmmakers Need Your Help!

Doug Blush and Lisa Klein are a husband-and-wife documentary filmmaking team who are raising funds to complete OF TWO MINDS, a documentary about the challenges of living with bipolar disorder. Doug is a producer/editor who has worked on such acclaimed … Continue reading

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Turning 50 with Demi Moore, and Figuring Out What Matters

I first “met” her when my boyfriend showed me a copy of Oui Magazine. She was a virtually unknown pin-up girl and she graced the cover, her first ever. My boyfriend had picked up the magazine because the brown-haired, olive-skinned teenager on … Continue reading

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Why I Got My 9-Year-Old a Cell Phone

I swore I wouldn’t give my daughter Franny a cell phone until she was thirteen. And whenever my nine-year-old asked, as she had been doing more frequently, “Mom, when can I have a cell phone?” this is what I told her. There … Continue reading

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