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How Memoirs of a Single Dad Sent My Traffic Through the Roof

Last year I responded to a tweet from blogger and SEO guru Daniel Ruyter, creator of Memoirs of a Single Dad. Daniel was offering free SEO advice to the first five bloggers who contacted him. I tweeted him back right … Continue reading

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More on Trolls: Like, Should You Ever Listen to Them?

There is no I-Thou moment with a troll. A true troll will never be smacked atop his gnarled head with a lightening bolt of realization that you, the addle-brained blogger, are entitled to your own opinion. Trolls don’t seek to … Continue reading

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Dooce Divorce

“Dooce Divorce” was the search engine referral that began to appear on my site stats page a couple weeks ago. This was my first glimmer that the power-blogging husband and wife team Heather and Jon Armstrong, aka Dooce and Blurb, … Continue reading

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Is Your Blog Stalked by Trolls? Here’s Why

I belong to a group of mom bloggers and it is not uncommon for one of us to Facebook the rest of us and ask for “nice comments” on a post to offset the vitriol being vomited upon the comment … Continue reading

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Sick in Bed with Penelope Trunk

I spent New Year’s Day in bed with a violent headache and a full-body malaise of unknown origin since I’d had just one glass of wine the night before. I was convinced I had acquired meningitis, or a brain tumor, … Continue reading

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How to Succeed in Mommy Blogging: Cursing, Sex, and Vaginas

Recently I attended a lovely Ladies Who Blog luncheon with other mommy bloggers whose ambitions ran the gamut from “I’m just doing this so I don’t go crazy being a full-time mom” to “my agent is packaging me for a web … Continue reading

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Tied to the Whipping Post

Yesterday a blog I posted on OpenSalon, originally called Mother and Child Un-Reunion, ran on the regular Salon site, in the “Real Families” personal essay section. I was honored to be showcased alongside truly exceptional writers such as Eilene Zimmerman … Continue reading

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