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The First and Last Day I Met my Birthfather

“Feel my bicep.” This was the opening line from my birthfather, spoken on the first and last day I spent with him. My birthmother had tracked him down through a friend who had a contact at the Metropolitan Opera, where … Continue reading

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Take Me to the River

Last weekend I watched my 9-year-old daughter Francesca swim in the Hudson River with my mother. This would not have been a remarkable event if I had ever gone swimming with my mother as a child. Or listened to her … Continue reading

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The Home for Friendless Women

At the tail end of the 19th century, this was the moniker of a residence in Burlington, Vermont that took in unwed pregnant mothers until they gave birth. Back then, “friendless woman” was a euphemism for single and knocked-up. If … Continue reading

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Mother and Child Un-Reunion

I was adopted when I was six days old. It was an old-school, politically incorrect, pre-Brangelina-era adoption in which the records were closed. My original birth certificate was sealed, and with it my original identity. I knew nothing about my … Continue reading

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