32 Responses to More Perils for Pauline

  1. Just know that some of us understand, truly.

    Keep your trademark image. It suits. And the situation is very real, and it likely won’t be going away anytime soon.

    Now imagine this without an Atticus to peel you off the ceiling. Or anyone else. So give that man a cigar, or a kiss…

  2. Susanna says:

    You rock and your logo is perfect (you kinda are too). I have no doubt that your influence on your kids, no matter how much he tries to limit it, will seep through and they’ll come out stronger and with better values because of it. They’ll see their chartered rocket ride for what it is and stay by you. xo

  3. JMB says:

    Although my financial conflicts don’t come anywhere near the galaxy-sized ones you have to deal with, I’m definitely in the “stomach-lurching and blood-pressure-spiking” crowd. In the last month, I’ve had a few people say to me, as if they have just discovered this, that I should “get over it,” “put a smile on my face and show him he can’t win,” “live my own life and not worry about him,” and other platitudes that, if they worked, I would have done eons ago. That’s the point of view of your trolls and sometimes others who had a different divorce than yours. It’s not the reality of having children with someone who hates your guts.

    Your picture doesn’t show the woman getting run over…she’s in a tough spot but not yet in three pieces. She’s got some hope. It’s not ideal to be tied up and facing doom, but that’s just the way it is sometimes. I hear you.

  4. Pennie Heath says:

    I don’t have that sort of divorce but I understand it. I do know there are people out there that aren’t happy until we have lost everything, tied to the train track in 3 pieces. And then they will just find someone else to suck the life out of.

    You have waaay to much class, but the purse brick is available as a loaner.

    • HAHAHA! Thanks for the offer, cuckoos nest…I may have to take you up on it…:)

      • Kristina says:

        I read the Cuckoo’s Nest as well as this blog…..Cuckoo, aren’t you trying to be anonymous? I’m a friendly-but-random-person-on-the-internet, but I just saw your name here. If I can see it, can’t anyone who hunts around? Including Stanley? Just something to consider.

        To both of you, Pauline and Cuckoo, thank you for sharing your stories, and for helping someone newer to the divorce process to get some laughs, some understanding, and some comraderie along the way. I appreciate you both!

      • Thank you, Kristina! Best of luck to you as you navigate this process.

  5. You had me at “If you have not been through a bad divorce, a bad divorce that clings to you like a lifelong bilious hangover…” Yes, by all means, plow under those snowy trees. Tie Pauline to the tracks and let her save herself. As I said to Mr. Ex during a very brief and explosive phone conference when he threatened me with a restraining order, “My blog is none of your business. It’s my path through my grief.” I suspect that you blog for many of the same reasons I do. At this point, my blog is mostly for me. Yes, a couple hundred people read it every day, but my best friends have long since returned to “Facebook, or Twitter.” Go forth, Pauline, outwit the dastardly villain. Do it looking how you want to look, wearing what you want to wear. Say what you want and need to say. There are plenty of us out here tied to our own cyber train tracks waiting. We’re rooting for you.

  6. Tina Swithin says:

    I can completely relate and I love your logo decision. I am thankful for the stories of other strong women like yourself and I am thankful for the Atticus’ out there. Hugs- Tina

  7. Jenny says:

    I love the humor inherent in the Perils of Pauline. And I agree that it’s impossible to truly move on if your ex spouse keeps harassing you in this manner. He’s actually the one who can’t move on, for whatever disturbed, pathetic reasons he has. Keep strategically fighting off his nonsense. And keep in mind that it’s mostly noise; he can’t win this one in court, and my guess is that he already knows it.

  8. Fiona says:

    Honestly, I didn’t think the Perils of Pauline related specifically to your divorce. I thought it was more about the perils of daily living.

    That said, your ex is a first-class ahole.

    • Fiona says:

      Ha! I just realized it’s the Perils of Divorced Pauline. I guess I thought it was about a divorced woman who was talking about daily life. I didn’t even pay that much attention to the divorced part.

  9. My experiences are completely different than yours, but there is power and interest to all good writing and storytelling’s, and I get much from reading your bloc. I think that if I were to only read those whose lives are exactly like mine, I’d go insane.

    I love the idea of a re-design and would actually like to know who you might recommend.

  10. Sorry about typos. I’m on a kindle.

  11. Anniegi says:

    You rock Pauline!

  12. “Once I faxed the psychologist the stipulation and chewed his negligent ass out for lack of due diligence — meaning he never read the custody order to substantiate Prince’s claims — he was more than happy to interview me.”

    Been there, done that! Pissed my ex off once the docs involved realized I wasn’t the crazy one. Once I became involved with the process my ex refused to continue to take part in the ongoing counseling for my son. He only associates with people who have not yet discovered his mental deficiencies.

    You will go to court if he pursues it and you will win. He will then have a new court order to defy. Or that is how it always went in my situation. But, you have to go to court. They leave us no option but to defend ourselves in order to protect our relationship with our children.

    I’ve lost friends because, in their eyes I couldn’t “get over it.” I’ve had friends tell me to “let it go” when he was in control and actively doing harm to my child. People don’t get it. There is no understanding if you’ve never lived it.

    It is a hard fought battle and I’m glad you are not having to do it alone.

    Can’t wait to see the new design and your “brand” is perfect because you will forever be divorced from that man.

  13. I hope you know I’m behind you all the way — and your inherent chutzpah-ness is revealed every day through your words. No logo/image could ever marginalize that…

    But as someone who’s constantly waiting for the next manila envelope, constantly cringing at the fear of the next set of bat-shit crazy to come down the pike, I can absolutely understand the symbol. Prince is not only the dastardly villain, but the train itself is the looming craziness in the distance, always lurking, always threatening to crush you like a bug. But you’ve got enough pluck to get you out of these situations, Pauline — just like your namesake!

  14. Hey, Pauline,

    You know I’m with you all the way on this. I’ve lately been musing on the problems with growing up in this “Have a Pepsi Day” culture, where it seems like everything just HAS to turn out great. The truth, as we all know, is that things turn out very mixed. And if we turn a blind eye to what things really are–including our children’s personalities–then we aren’t seeing, or respecting, them. The good news–and it actually is true–is that kids are pretty smart. They figure things out, even when the courts/psychologists/guardians/etc, etc, etc can’t. My kids, including the one who was pretty much in thrall to his dad, are slowly slowly slowly crawling out of that poisonous relationship and seeing things the way they really are. Very mixed. But, also, there is discernible good, there are right and wrong ways to connect to people, there is a moral code that recognizes human flaws and still has a center. Pauline, though imperiled, DOES get away every time.

  15. When Ex does stuff like that, I ignore it. If it’s clear in the court order I ignore it because that’s all there is to it. If it makes you feel better, make a photocopy of all the stuff and then send them through a shredder or burn them. And then force yourself to “forget it”. Atticus is right, he might not make good on his threat. So there you go. Why stress what may or may not happen? You have too much to worry about regardless.

  16. Jana says:

    Pauline, your ex-husband must have either loved you beyond belief to hate you so much or he is simply a very sick, spiteful individual. Should you ever need someone to give him a swift kick in the jaw, I would happily volunteer to do so. I just wonder how this man can live with himself; he seems so toxic. Kudos to you for taking the high road and living your life with grace and dignity.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Jana. I don’t think it was love exactly, but I also don’t think he wanted the marriage to end. And, now, with all the legal entanglements, it almost feels like it hasn’t! 🙂

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