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Darla Carmichael’s Blogger Space

Darla Carmichael is a fellow Open Salon blogger who blogs incisively and sardonically — in only 20 or 30 minutes!! — about surviving her traumatic past here. Check out her Blogger Space below. In my office suite with other dutiful … Continue reading

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How Memoirs of a Single Dad Sent My Traffic Through the Roof

Last year I responded to a tweet from blogger and SEO guru Daniel Ruyter, creator of Memoirs of a Single Dad. Daniel was offering free SEO advice to the first five bloggers who contacted him. I tweeted him back right … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Mommy Group

The main thing I noticed during the Parent Workshop at Luca’s boarding school last weekend was how respectable the parents appeared. For instance, Julia from Seattle, with her chic bob and hand-knit poncho, you just would not have expected her … Continue reading

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Autumn Whitefield-Madrano’s Blogger Space

Autumn Whitefield-Madrano is a seasoned writer and creator of The Beheld, a smart, post-modern blog devoted to deconstructing beauty: its conventional notions, its impact on us, and “how our appearance affects the way we move through the world.” Check out … Continue reading

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My First Piece on Huffington Post: Shameless Self-Promotion

Please allow me this bit of shameless self-promotion. After my Demi Moore piece was picked up by the Huffington Post Divorce section, I was officially inivited to become a blogger for HuffPo Divorce. This was a thrill, since trying to … Continue reading

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Ingrid Ricks’ Blogger Space

My Open Salon compadre Ingrid Ricks has turned the hardscrabble narrative of her childhood — poverty; an abusive Mormon stepfather; a catch-as-catch-can relationship with her salesman dad — into the fiercely inspiring memoir, Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story. She has since … Continue reading

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Breaking Up is Weird to Do: A Guest Post by Janice Harper

Janice Harper is an anthropologist, blogger, and all-around smart cookie. I first discovered her on Open Salon, when I read her incredibly honest and insightful piece about her previous life in the 1%. Then I read her really funny Huff Po … Continue reading

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Mother Blame, and the Special Needs Child

One afternoon several years ago my normally happy-camper daughter had a meltdown of epic proportions at preschool. One minute she was fine, and the next minute she was possessed by the devil. Shrieking till she was red in the face … Continue reading

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Two Brilliant Documentary Filmmakers Need Your Help!

Doug Blush and Lisa Klein are a husband-and-wife documentary filmmaking team who are raising funds to complete OF TWO MINDS, a documentary about the challenges of living with bipolar disorder. Doug is a producer/editor who has worked on such acclaimed … Continue reading

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