From the Boudoir to the Loo: A Blogger Space Retrospective

Several months ago it occurred to me that I had become a much better, and more prolific writer, as my writing spaces got progressively smaller and on the surface, less writer-friendly. In a previous life, I twiddled my thumbs in a spacious, sun-drenched home office. Now, I blog ferociously in a butler’s pantry.

Pauline's Blogger's Space

After exploring my own writing space metamorphosis in this post, I set out to discover where other bloggers choose to blog, and why they blog where they do.

Christina Simon of Beyond the Brochure blogs in this sleek, stylish home office.

Christina Simon's Blogger Space

Jenny Heitz of Find a Toad finds inspiration in this cool, idiosyncratic home office.

Jenny Heitz's Blogger Space

Mikalee Byerman completely revamped her home office, which is in a loft, to match her revamped personal life.

Mikalee Byerman's Blogger Space

Los Angeles artist Susan Logoreci blogs in her art studio.

Susan Logoreci's Blogger Space

Several bloggers blog in living rooms, dens, nooks and crannies.

Like Iron Spine Sally.

Iron Spine Sally's Blogger Space

And Two Kids and a Fish.

Two Kids and a Fish's Blogger Space

And Sophia Van Buren.

Sophia Van Buren's Blogger Space

The Five Facets blogs in an enclosed deck.

The Five Facets' Blogger Space

Patrice Sarath writes in the pantry.

Patrice Sarath's Blogger Space

Kate Geiselman finds her blogging mojo in a favorite chair.

Kate Geiselman's Blogger Space

Aja Hannah, of Diaries of a Mixed (Up) Kid, on a couch.

Aja Hannah's Blogger Space

BadBadWebbis fancies her couch too.

Jennifer McBride of Touching the Trees blogs in her bedroom.

Jennifer McBride's Blogger Space

Samantha Goodman of Life with Smalls goes one better and blogs in bed.

Samantha Goodman's Blogger Space

Gabi Coatsworth blogs where she eats.

Gabi Coatsworth's "Where I Really Write" Blogger Space

Poot moves her laptop around the house.

Poot's Blogger Space

Some bloggers choose to get out of the house altogether. Quite a few find their muse in coffee shops.

Like Annie Parker of Bitter Divorcee.

Working in the Coffee Shop

And Daniel Ruyter of Memoirs of a Single Dad.

Memoirs of a Single Dad's Blogger Space

And Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Rachel Kramer Bussel's Blogger Space

Jesika Jennings of Six Degrees Love blogs at work during her lunch hour.

Six Degrees Love's Blogger Space

Mutant Supermodel blogs at work too.

Mutant Supermodel's Blogger Space

Alysa Salzburg, editor of the literary zine Beguile, has a virtual blogger space.

Alysa Salzburg's Metaphorical Blogger Space

Ever the multi-tasker, William Quincey Belle blogs in the bathroom.

William Quincey Belle's Blogger Space

What I learned, during these past few months of being a blogger space voyeur, is that it doesn’t matter where writers write — it just matters that they do.

Blogger Space is a series devoted to showcasing the places bloggers choose to write. Want to show off your digs? Send a photo of your space, a blurb about why you write where you do, and a link to your blog to


About perilsofdivorcedpauline

I am a survivor of a world-class gnarly divorce. My dastardly ex-husband is suing me for full custody of my son, and more time with my daughter. He’s super-rich and I’m super-not. You get the picture.
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5 Responses to From the Boudoir to the Loo: A Blogger Space Retrospective

  1. Gina Osher says:

    I love this series, Pauline! As a blogger myself, it’s wonderful to see how everyone makes their unique spaces work for them…and it’s fascinating to imagine how these spaces somehow add to each blog’s unique personality.

  2. Fantastic roundup of all our spaces! Great series!

  3. Jenny says:

    I love this array of spaces. And I agree that, the smaller the space, the better the blogging. Even though I have a dedicated space, I often find that plopping down in my favorite chair works better, even though it’s more uncomfortable. I also like having cats around; their energy is far more conducive to writing than dogs. Although cats sometimes lie down on the keyboard, which doesn’t improve my writing quality at all.

  4. *slaps forehead* When I sent in a picture of my laptop perched on the toilet, I was trying to be amusing but admitted to myself that one person’s funny is another person’s boy-are-you-nuts. In looking at the spaces of the other bloggers then finding my picture last on the list, I think I can accurately say that I am literarily and literally bringing up the rear.

  5. This has been absolutely delightful, Pauline! Wonderful getting to know these writers, and thoroughly enjoyable seeing their favorite spaces to drum up good words.

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