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For months, the only place I could sit and blog was from a little office on the 12th floor of a newly built building on a medical campus. The office has an eastern-facing window which affords a gorgeous view and killer glare. Unlike pretty much everyone else on my floor, I would rather deal with the glare than draw the blind on the gorgeousness that rests behind me. At work, I’m pretty separate from everyone else because even though we share the same big boss, my work is unrelated to that which everyone else on the floor is devoted. So I surrounded myself with my little vinyl friends to keep me company.

At first, I was resistant to the idea of blogging at my work office. But, I didn’t have internet at home and my laptop had been shattered months before when my ex unknowingly sat on it and shattered the monitor. I couldn’t afford the repair. But it didn’t matter much because I couldn’t afford internet either.

It ends up that blogging at my workplace is actually pretty effective. It’s very quiet and I don’t really feel any guilt doing it. I blog during my breaks and often eschew lunch in the break room in favor of lunch at my desk. They say it’s unhealthy but it’s a happy arrangement for me. Besides, the nature of my job means that for nine months out of the year, things are pretty slow and flexible. It’s only three months that life at work becomes a non-stop, stressful, high-velocity roller coaster.

It just so happens, I’m right in the middle of that insanity.

So, it’s a good thing my financial situation has recently improved and I could afford the monitor repair and I could afford internet at home again.

Now, I get to blog at home when I don’t get a chance to blog at work. I have my own command center there. It’s in my living room and behind me sits big eastern facing sliding glass doors. I apparently have a thing for views resting behind me. I actually didn’t set up my command center with the intention of blogging from it. My command center was meant to function as my household area of organization. Important papers, coupons, school paperwork, etc., were all to be managed right there. But life has a sense of humor and it turns out when I picked up my laptop, the repair guy had noticed something. My laptop was a couple years old and the battery was pretty much shot. This means, I have to be plugged in to use it.

So the command center has become the blog hub at my home as well. It has its perks. Something about sitting down at a desk and computer to write sends the message to me to get down and do some work. Of course, at home there isn’t the relative peace and quiet of the office. Even with my sitting to blog at night after bedtime, I still have to deal with the occasional uprising of the Bedtime Resistance forces in my home.

The bottom line is I have always been the kind of person who writes when lightning strikes. At least now, I’ve doubled the chances of my being in the right place when it does.

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I am a survivor of a world-class gnarly divorce. My dastardly ex-husband is suing me for full custody of my son, and more time with my daughter. He’s super-rich and I’m super-not. You get the picture.
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  1. Thanks for inviting me to do this. It was a fun little “assignment” for me.

  2. kombi yorum says:

    Hey – nice post – thank you for sharing this with us. Already bookmarked you so I will visit your site more often- thanks. Take care!

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