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Samantha Goodman writes Life with Smalls, a humorous mommy blog on the glorious, mundane, and gross moments she has experienced while raising two small children. Check out her comfy Blogger Space below.

I write on my bed.

Sometimes I write in my bed.

I do this primarily because it is one of the few places in the house where I can excuse myself from the usual chaos, and get some down time. I’d love to have a real office, but that isn’t possible right now, so my bed is my desk.

Usually the bed is not made and things look a lot more disheveled. I cleaned up and made it presentable just for you, lest you think I live in a total pigsty. Clearly I have internalized my Grandmother telling me to “always wear clean underwear,” and now, apparently, I apply that idea to my writing space…hmm…I’m realizing that may be possible “Black Couch” material, so, note to self.

I was a screenwriter for many years, and while I don’t have time anymore to write all those hours everyday, I started Life with Smalls ao that I don’t go completely insane raising my kids.

My bed is comfortable, it’s spacious, and it’s quiet. Sometimes too much so, because instead of writing, I occasionally fall asleep.

Perhaps I’d be more prolific if I actually had a desk. Perhaps I’d be more prolific if I didn’t have young children.

Well, too late now…

Life with Smalls' Blogger Space

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About perilsofdivorcedpauline

I am a survivor of a world-class gnarly divorce. My dastardly ex-husband is suing me for full custody of my son, and more time with my daughter. He’s super-rich and I’m super-not. You get the picture.
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5 Responses to Life with Smalls’ Blogger Space

  1. Samantha, very funny! Great blog space, love your blog!

  2. Maybe you need to sleep more than you need to write, sometimes. And you’re very prolific, it seems to me, with everything else you have going on.

  3. I love it. I can hear your voice! It is like being with you. Keep it up, sister!

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