Alysa Salzberg’s Blogger Space

Some people blog. Some people write. Alysa Salzberg does both. A writerly blogger and lover of the written word, she edits a literary ezine called Beguile and writes a personal blog at OpenSalon. Check out her out-of-the-box Blogger Space below.

I’ve been writing stories since I first learned how to read and write.  And pretty much since I first put a big pencil into my little hands, I’ve wanted to be a published author.  When I got to New York years later, I took a manuscript I’d written to different publishing houses, pretending to be a messenger.  Despite what I’d expected to gain from this, I got no insight from the experience, and soon found that not only I, but a majority of writers I knew or met had our work rejected time and again by publishing houses and other places.

I learned, though, that some people did get ahead, sometimes by genuine talent, but sometimes, too, because of their connections.  From that time, a seed was planted. I dreamt of creating my own literary publication that would honor writers and visual artists who truly enchanted me, and whose work I wanted to share with the world.  Ten years later, in August 2010, that dream came true, when I started Beguile, my literary e-zine.

Our motto is: “Never stop trying to outwit your jailors” – that is, never give in to those who tell you, in one way or another, that your work can’t grow, that it’s not worth anything.  Instead, just keep dreaming and creating art.  We accept submissions from writers and artists of all genres and forms.

There isn’t a specific place where I put together issues of Beguile.  I work with a group of readers so that every submission is voted on, thus eliminating the risk of nepotism taking over.  But we don’t have an office or a particular meeting site.  I just bring my laptop where I need to go – and most of the time it’s wherever I feel like sitting in my apartment.

Different days bring different rhythms and wants.  Sometimes I feel peppy and professional, and so I move to the kitchen table.  Sometimes the cat wants to sit on my lap, so to the couch I and my computer and the cat go.  The important thing for me isn’t where, but what.  Whether I’m putting together the latest issue of Beguile, writing fiction, or blogging on Open Salon, I have to feel right about what I’m doing, and then everything around me fades, and I see only the words and images on the screen in front of me.  And that’s why I chose this picture, Beguile’s first issue, to represent my blogging space.

Alysa Salzberg's Metaphorical Blogger Space

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I am a survivor of a world-class gnarly divorce. My dastardly ex-husband is suing me for full custody of my son, and more time with my daughter. He’s super-rich and I’m super-not. You get the picture.
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3 Responses to Alysa Salzberg’s Blogger Space

  1. What a coinkydinky. I was just reading Ms. Salzberg’s amusing article about a French singer: Claude-François. For those of you not in the known, this American lady has uprooted herself from her native USA to discover the romance of gay Paris. And I don’t mean Paris, Texas or Paris, Ontario (Canada). She appears to be, as her eponymous ezine, to be beguiling. Now that Pauline has connected the dots, I will check out this ezine. Je vous remercie pour cette découverte de dimanche.

  2. I’m all for “metaphorical” spaces. (And will check out her site… Thanks, Pauline!)

    Et un coté français ? Comment ne pas adorer ?

  3. Oh, my high school French has left me, but I like her blogger ezine space! Will check her out on Open Salon too.

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